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To help you get an idea of my work, here a few examples of initiatives I was leading over the past few years (some of them are ongoing).

New Work Movement und 

Unlearning Hierarchy is an initiative to help SAP evolve to a higher level of self-organization. The initiative itself is self-organized: a network of 3000 colleagues help transform the organization in a decentralized way.

Together with colleagues, I founded this network (New Work Movement) in 2018 and since 2019 I lead a team of organizational developers who are facilitating the initiative. Our focus is on making the sure the community is able to thrive, and on consulting pioneering teams and organizations within SAP.

Analyzing our pilot organizations, we are able to show that implementing self-organization practices leads to significant improvements in Employee Engagement, Autonomy, Involvement and increases the time spent working on new ideas.

While it started as a grass-roots initiative, Unlearning Hierarchy is now part of our formal corporate strategy and sponsored by our Executive Board.

Find out more about Unlearning Hierarchy

How We Run are five behaviors that describe how colleagues want to collaborate at SAP. They were co-created with the participation of over 4000 employees in just one quarter in 2015. To this day, they play a significant role in helping SAP navigate its transformation to the cloud.
I worked as the HR lead for the initiative and was responsible for the co-creation process. We used creative ways to engage employees from over 70 locations in 29 countries within just a few weeks, such as do-it-yourself workshops, virtual brainstorming sessions and even an icon crowd-sourcing contest.

The initiative was a huge success. The behaviors have become embedded in daily language at SAP and 91% of employees say they identify with them as of 2020.

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HOW WE RUN (2015)






Aspiring Leaders are colleagues at SAP who have been identified as having the potential to become managers in the future. The program is a 2 month blended-learning journey, which prepares these colleagues for the challenging transition from an expert role to becoming a leader. 

I was leading the Aspiring leaders program from its pilot in 2016 to scaling it to 800 participants in 2017. The program is now in its 5th year with an average Net Promoter Score of 88.

Analysis of the data over the years shows its impact: colleagues who have participated in the learning journey create significantly higher level of trust in their teams, compared to colleagues who did not participate.

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Unlearning Hierarchy
How We Run
Aspiring Leaders
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