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Hi, I'm Lennart Keil

Organizational Developer & Pioneer

Lennart Keil

The Difference I want to makE

We live in times of growing complexity and constant change. ​Our established ways of organizing ourselves are reaching their limits.


We are looking for answers: What makes the difference between an organization that is able to adapt and learn, and one that is lost in transformation? 

I firmly believe what it comes down to is difficult to measure, hard to manage and impossible to copy.

The key lies in how we connect as people, what kind of principles we establish, and how we lead.

Improving these subtle but powerful aspects in organizations is my passion. That is why I spend my time developing leaders, building teams and nurturing organizational culture.


This way, I hope to make a contribution to a more human, thoughtful and sustainable way of working.

Lennart Keil

What I do

Organizational Development

I help organizations, teams and leaders improve and evolve their way of working. As a systemic consultant and Psychologist, I create transformation initiatives that go deep, and lead to sustainable impact.

Whether I am facilitating a strategy workshop with Executives, hosting a virtual Unconference for a community initiative, or designing a leadership learning journey: I connect people and ideas in an authentic, creative and engaging way.

My primary customer is SAP, where I work since 2012 as Organizational Developer. I also help other organizations on their journey, with a focus on large, international corporations who want to become more self-organized and agile.

My focus areas are


  • Transformation and culture change
    in particular in larger, international or complex organizations​

  • Developing teams and units
    in particular in the context of increasing adaptability (e.g. self-organization, agility) und innovation capability (e.g. Design Thinking)

  • Developing leaders
    in particular related to Emotional Intelligence, Agility and Resilience


Qualification & experience

  • 9 years Organizational Development at SAP, responsible for global culture, change initiatives for 100.000 employees

  • Experienced ​in managing a team and in working up to the Executive Board level

  • Masters Degree in Psychology (Universities of Freiburg, Germany and Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Trained in systemic organizational development (isb Wiesloch) and Design Thinking (SAP)

See examples of my work as organizational developer

Pioneer: Writing and Speaking

Deep down, we are holding on to the assumption that organizations are machines we can optimize, or computers we can program. I have experienced and been involved in countless re-organizations, strategy roll-outs and goal planning cascades. However, what is still viewed as best practice, often ends up merely as an illusion of control.

I firmly believe there are more trustful and human ways of working together than what is common in most organizations today. In my work at SAP and beyond, I want to help explore these new practices and set positive examples.

I write and speak about what I learn openly, with passion and humor. I do not hide my own challenges, limitations and setbacks. With this, I want to inspire others to also challenge the status quo and explore.

See examples of my speaking & writing

What I do
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